If you plan on changing the language of GTA V for just to practice, think again. Every time I started GTA V after the latest update, the game asked me to choose a language. Well, I’m not quite sure. The reason may be that I changed the PS4 system language later.

Anyway. If you change the language to Spanish or another language as I did, you will notice that you cannot change it back to English. No, it’s useless trying to change it through in game settings. There is no option to change language.

It’s requires a simple task though. First you need to go to the System Storage Management from the Settings of your PS4. Then go inside Application Saved Data and choose Grand Theft Auto V. The save file with Profile written below is what you are looking for. Delete it by pushing Options button.

GTA V Dil Ayarları

Your preferences are kept in Profile save file. By deleting this file, you will reset your options such as language and brightness. If your PS4’s system language is not supported by the game, it will ask you to choose a language next time you boot it. If your system language is English, you will directly begin playing GTA V in English.

Enjoy ;)


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